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Frost and the Archer


So, I may or may not have been distracted from ‘A Secret Affair' and wrote this because of someone's AU they messaged @thejaridafamily about. So sorry to all you people waiting for the happy ending to that very sad fic from before, but I'm sure this will serve as an apology for breaking your hearts from before. So here you go everybody. Hope you like it

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It was a late night she was perched on top of one of the top skyscrapers of New York, he was bound to show himself at any moment, he always did. Just as she scanned her eyes over the city another time the device on her hip beeped. The alarms at the museum just three blocks away had just been triggered and she knew it was him. She used her bow to shoot a grappling arrow and swung down to the ground. She touched down and hid in the shadows until she reached the museum. She walked in the door and found him in the room filled with the jewels from all throughout history, he’d already taken down the guards, their bodies were frozen to the walls and they were all knocked out.

“Frost.” she bit out his name as she notched an arrow. He smirked lifting his head from the display case he was looking at.

“The Archer.” he said without turning around. Merida watched the muscles in his shoulders stiffen as he said her name. “I’m guessing there is already an arrow pointing at my back.” he said cockily as he mockingly lifted his hands like someone who had a gun pointed at them.

“Maybe.” she said the corner of her lips lifting just a little in her own smirk. He turned around, and her small smirk disappeared while his grin came into her eyeline. His eyes flicked up and down her body, he didn’t know the color of her hair, which annoyed him to know end since it was covered by her green cowel. What made him happy though was being able to see her striking blue eyes and the red of her strict lips. She wore a green leather jacket that covered the top of her dark green pants with black boots that reached her mid-calf. He watched her fingers tighten around the grip of her bow and he looked at her fingerless gloves as they seemlessly went on forever into the sleeve of her jacket.

He smirked as he realized the best way to mess with her today. “Maybe you should put that bow down, I’ve got another idea of what you can do with your hands.” he said his ice blue eyes twinkling as her lips smoothed into a thin line.

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Super Junior - K.R.Y 

↳ Hanamizuki ハナミズキ


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Q: What type of worker Zhoumi would be in an office setting?

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i had a random thought

what if there was a notebook called the ship note

its like the death note, but instead of killing people, you write two people’s names beside each other

and they fall in love

writing details and cause of how they fell in love beside their names

no details? love at first sight.

isn’t it a beautiful thing to have



I would make so many world leaders have secret gay international relationships.


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I’m so much cooler on tumblr than in real life but I’m not even cool on tumblr

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thenicojesus said: I've never been able to choose a SHINee bias :( Also are you excited for Kuro Season III?

lol, taemin was my first bias but after hello baby, all of them are adorable in their own way! and i am but apprehensive since i did not like season 2 at all


I wonder if anyone ever looks at me while I’m doing something and thinks I’m pretty. Because I do that all the time to people. 

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these situations of you and i (of drunken confession and late night kisses)


send me a question and a pairing. you know you want me to write things.

my wifi’s being a bitch. hence, why it refused to upload the frickin’ icon. i apologise. and also, i’m refusing caps because of reasons.


when she first blurted it out, she knew it’d been a mistake. a huge mistake. frankly, she didn’t even know what she was even thinking on the moment. probably because 1) she wasn’t. 2) a drunk merida is generally a stupid merida. 3) she knew she shouldn’t have trusted astrid’s words on spending the night away drinking her sorrow.

and 4) why on earth did it have to be him who found her at the bar and was stubborn enough to tackle her ‘till he was certain she’s safe at home?

so. okay. they were at her apartment and rapunzel wasn’t home (the blonde’s hanging out with the rider lad) and she was in the bathroom hunching over the toilet bowl with his hands kneading at the small of her back, still refusing to go away even though she told him like, a million times to do so, but he was a stupid lad and if it was anyone that was brave enough to contradict whatever she had to say (besides from her mother, that was) it was definitely jack freaking frost.

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