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A/N: Hello it is I! Yeah I know it’s been a while, so to make it up I’ll post a few in a row. I asked for prompts on Tumblr and received an overwhelming response. Definitely my favorite was “famous Youtubers” so here you go! This is a long one. Leave a review

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On Camera

Merida couldn’t remember when she’d first begun her video diaries, or when she started posting them online. But she could distinctly remember when her subscribers had sky rocketed and when people had started caring about her day to day life.

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Assassin’s Creed!AU. Designing Jack’s outfit was actually fun ;w;, though hard at the same time xD. AC is one of my FAVORITE game series, so I’m very excited for Unity ;w;. And I always wanted to draw Jack as an assassin :3.

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How To say I Love you…



In English:

I Love You.

In Spanish:

Te Amo.

In French:

Je t’aime.

In Basketball:

I’ll be your shadow.

In Swimming:

You swim for me.

In Baseball:

I’ll make you an authentic as.

In Volleyball:

As long as I’m here you are invincible.

In E.L.F: 

I hate you 

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A movie about a bunch of cute lolitas running a huge drug cartel in order to afford their clothes

Breaking Brand

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Benedict Cumberbatch ALS ice bucket challenge

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Robbie Kay & Sean Maguire complete the ice bucket challenge for ALS

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August, 21st goes down in history as the day the ouat fandom was collectively the happiest ever.

Because I’m still not over the fact that we




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i have two beefs with this als ice bucket challenge. the first: if you dump ice in the bucket immediately before dumping it on yourself.. that’s not ice water! so we’re gonna do it properly this time around… second beef: i keep seeing these videos with people in bathing suits, and t-shirts, tank tops… for me, personally, when i bring awareness to a charity i prefer a more formal setting. so, excuse me…

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