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[Photo] SJ-M Henry’s Weibo Update - with SHINee Taemin 131026

'it's been so long since I performed Trap with SHINee's Taemin! The feeling is so good!!'

Credit: 亨利Henry89

so dorky taemin XD

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Henry Trap

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This is just full of amazingness! It makes me miss being in the SJ fandom so much!!!

So very proud of you, Henry!!!! You finally made it! SM finally let you SHINE!!! Long long long OVERDUE! <3

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So I may or may not be addicted to Henry’s “Trapped”


Kyuhyun’s part omg

hah, so i wasn’t the only one!

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Henry 헨리_TRAP_Music Video (with Kyuhyun & Taemin) (by SMTOWN)

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cr: stringswithhenry

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Kyuhyun as Loki, Henry as Goku (I think?), and Kangin as Thor…what more can I say…

Siwon reveals his habit, Henry and Zhou Mi take this as an opportunity to troll

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