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This design is Available for purchase when I’m accepting orders


 I’m just starting on some of the orders from the new batch and realized that I never uploaded pictures from the old one! Introducing the Fire Nation (Azula) Kimono Dress! Originally a commission-only design, she’s had enough requests
 to finally make it to the store full time. She features: yellow lace on the sleeves and the bottom of the jacket; felt and lace details on the waist tie; a split and tiered skirt; and the Fire Nation insignia on the back of the jacket! This kimono dress can also be used for a Fem!Zuko if you change up the makeup and accessories. AtLA Forever 

Visit the listing in the Geek and Kimono Dress sections for different angles and information:…

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Artist: THE SOLUTIONS (솔루션스)

This is undoubtedly my favorite song by The Solutions. It’s so energetic and dynamic! I’m usually not even a fan of synthpop but I get great vibes from this track. If you’re dying to hear more music like this, check out some songs we recommended!

Click here to watch the MV.

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Jarida Oneshot Ft. Elsa

"What are ye doing here Frost?" Asked Merida with an eyebrow raised after she saw who was at the door. She hated admitting it but he really didn’t look that bad in a dark blue buttoned up shirt and black slacks.

"Dubach? I didn’t you were Elsa’s new roommate…" Jack said surprised as he walked into the room. Slightly surprised she let him come in despite not expecting him.
“Well it’s only temporary cuz of our parents agreement…” Merida trailed off. Jack was going to ask what agreement when Elsa walked in.

"Jack, I wasn’t expecting you till later tonight. Surprised your little lap dog isn’t with you," Elsa said with a slight condescending tone towards the end as she put on her wristwatch. Merida couldn’t help but sigh at how elegant Elsa looked in a simple blue cocktail dress while Merida was still sporting her outfit for her archery lesson which consisted of the camp shirt and a pair of capris. She was teaching some middle school students while she spent the summer here. Her mother wanted her to tour Scotland visiting various "friends of the family" in search of a new betrothed since her last fiance ran off with his girlfriend to the US. Hiccup was her best friend so she was hurt and although she didn’t love him in the romantic way, she loved him in a best friend way so she followed him here. When she got here, she confronted him. Although now they are no longer close as they used to be, they still had breakfast together with Astrid every Saturday. It was a little awkward at firsts but Merida couldn’t help but like Astrid as well. The two of them were almost better friends than Hiccup and Merida were.

"He must be growing on you, your majesty. And if anyone is the lap dog, I’m afraid my servant status would be more fitting," Jack said after bowing with an exaggerated swish of his wrist. Elsa gave a slight giggle that she tried to hide behind her hands while Merida snorted.

"With the way you cozy up to those people, you’re almost as bad as he is. But that’s what the school needs, the funds," Elsa remarked as she went to grab her bag from her bedroom.

"Are you coming as well? You might be a little underdressed," teased Jack while Merida had to restrain herself from hitting him.

"Where’s your sister?" Merida decided to ask instead. Although she didn’t care much about Jack, she adored his little sister who was taking private archery lessons from her. She would of done it free of charge when she saw how motivated his sister was but he wouldn’t have any of that. Must be rough to raise his sister by himself…

"She’s staying with Rapunzel this evening…" Jack trailed off as he started fiddling with some of the ornaments that Elsa had in her living room.

"Ok, I’m done. Merida I will be back in two hours, don’t wait up for me. A few more lessons and then you can take over…" Elsa said while smirking slightly while Merida scoffed.

"Taking over? I never agreed to that, besides you are so much better at schmoozing than I am. I’m not even going to stay longer than the summer anyway," huffed Merida while Jack gave another flourished bow and offered his arm to Elsa who giggled and linked her arms none the less as the two headed out the door.

Merida was about to lock the door when Jack knocked on the door again.

"What did ye forget?" Asked Merida as she tapped her foot impatiently.

"Mary told me to give this to you," stated Jack as he placed a little bear charm carved out of wood in Meridas hand. Merida looked at it thoughtfully and surprised that Mary remembered her story. She started to get a little tearful as she smiled and hugged the figure close to her heart. Jack was a little surprised at the tears but smiled fondly when he remembered the nights he fiddled away at the wood to carve this piece for his sisters favorite archery mentor while listening to her countless retelling at how brave she was against the bear.

"Tell her thank you!" Exclaimed Merida when she finally regained her voice. Jack was a little in awe at her emotions causing Merida to blush and wipe the tears before she tried to close the door. Jacks quick reflexes kept it open as he took Meridas hands and kissed her knuckles who merely stood there frozen.

"Thank you for inspiring her…" He trailed off while looking at her confused expression and then bowing slightly as he backed out of the doorway smirking.

When Merida finally gotten her wits together, she slammed the door.

"That little charmer! Aye won’t fall for your tricks!" Exclaimed Merida while she continued to admire the figurine.

~Outside the building~

"Finally asked her out?" Asked Elsa when Jack made it to the car.

"What? No, I wouldn’t ask her out!" exclaimed Jack giving her an indignant look before settling in the drivers seat to start driving.

"Right, that’s why you have a dazed look on your face like when you first met me," chuckled Elsa while Jack spluttered out a "that was years ago! You know I could never help myself around beautiful girls!"

"Yes, took me awhile to convince you it was just a stage. With Merida however…she’s the first one you didn’t ask out right away…and even I think she’s pretty…I’m sure Mary would love her as a sister in law…." Murmured Elsa while jack clenched the steering wheel.

"Like I ever have a chance…" Jack though outloud while Elsa chuckled as jack’s blush only started to fade…


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so i came across this (here) and wanted to post it because it’s awesome

My best friend : Dean Winchester

My first kiss : Jim Moriarty (what a story !)

I live with : John Watson (it’s OK, bette than living with Sherlock)

In a relationship with : Sam Winchester (with of without soul?)

My profession : Time traveller 

I will be killed by : Sam Winchester (so, without soul I guess….. )

My best friend : Dean Winchester

My first kiss : Castiel

I live with : Gregory Lestraude

In a relationship with : Moriarty

My profession : Consulting detective

I will be killed by : Sherlock Holmes

Guess because I’m competing with him? the relationship part is a little disturbing…

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Let’s start from the beginning


Summary : (I’ve updated my summaryWhen darkness strikes at Hogwarts four teenagers must fight it off. Love, betrayal and most important, friendship is discovered. Secrets are revealed, lies broken and relationships are put to the test. How will they cope when everything is lost? How will they cope without eachother? 

Chapter 2: Meeting Hiccup Haddock III

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DIY Chemistry Cupcakes and Periodic Table Graham Crackers. Looking for an edible science DIY?These were done for Mole Day (yesterday, October 23rd and a mole is explained in the first post). For more science themed DIYs go here:

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I WANT THE CUPCAKES! Would I get extra credit if I brought this in to my organic chem class? lol

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Harry Potter Astrology: Aquarius


Aquarius is the eleventh house of the Zodiac and rules the circulatory system, shins, and ankles. Positive traits include brilliance, innovation, individuality, openness, social consciousness, inventiveness, practical skill, and self assertion; negative traits are eccentricity, lack of attachment to people and the “real world,” over-intellectualizing of the emotions, a crotchety temper, rigidity, intellectual arrogance, and stubbornness.


Gryffindor Aquarians are the social activists and loons of their House. They’ll picket for House Elf Liberation. They’ll wear their robes inside out because they spent all night reading, not pay attention to how they dressed the next day, and not care if their rumpled appearance is pointed out to them. They are intellectual rebels and will loudly defend their opinions, even if doing so makes enemies. They are apt to question authority. “Even Merlin was wrong, some of the time,” they’ll say, shrugging. While not particularly good at dealing with crisis situations (they stress out easily) they do tend to have enough foresight to see the situations coming, and prevent them from happening in the first place. They can be flamboyantly talented, but are less interested in using their talent to “make it big” than in using it to make a better life for themselves or other people. Because Gryffindor tends to be a flamboyant house, these oddballs (they are always odd) tend to stick out for being unusual.

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