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so i came across this (here) and wanted to post it because it’s awesome

My best friend : Dean Winchester

My first kiss : Jim Moriarty (what a story !)

I live with : John Watson (it’s OK, bette than living with Sherlock)

In a relationship with : Sam Winchester (with of without soul?)

My profession : Time traveller 

I will be killed by : Sam Winchester (so, without soul I guess….. )

My best friend : Dean Winchester

My first kiss : Castiel

I live with : Gregory Lestraude

In a relationship with : Moriarty

My profession : Consulting detective

I will be killed by : Sherlock Holmes

Guess because I’m competing with him? the relationship part is a little disturbing…

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Let’s start from the beginning


Summary : (I’ve updated my summaryWhen darkness strikes at Hogwarts four teenagers must fight it off. Love, betrayal and most important, friendship is discovered. Secrets are revealed, lies broken and relationships are put to the test. How will they cope when everything is lost? How will they cope without eachother? 

Chapter 2: Meeting Hiccup Haddock III

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DIY Chemistry Cupcakes and Periodic Table Graham Crackers. Looking for an edible science DIY?These were done for Mole Day (yesterday, October 23rd and a mole is explained in the first post). For more science themed DIYs go here:

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I WANT THE CUPCAKES! Would I get extra credit if I brought this in to my organic chem class? lol

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Harry Potter Astrology: Aquarius


Aquarius is the eleventh house of the Zodiac and rules the circulatory system, shins, and ankles. Positive traits include brilliance, innovation, individuality, openness, social consciousness, inventiveness, practical skill, and self assertion; negative traits are eccentricity, lack of attachment to people and the “real world,” over-intellectualizing of the emotions, a crotchety temper, rigidity, intellectual arrogance, and stubbornness.


Gryffindor Aquarians are the social activists and loons of their House. They’ll picket for House Elf Liberation. They’ll wear their robes inside out because they spent all night reading, not pay attention to how they dressed the next day, and not care if their rumpled appearance is pointed out to them. They are intellectual rebels and will loudly defend their opinions, even if doing so makes enemies. They are apt to question authority. “Even Merlin was wrong, some of the time,” they’ll say, shrugging. While not particularly good at dealing with crisis situations (they stress out easily) they do tend to have enough foresight to see the situations coming, and prevent them from happening in the first place. They can be flamboyantly talented, but are less interested in using their talent to “make it big” than in using it to make a better life for themselves or other people. Because Gryffindor tends to be a flamboyant house, these oddballs (they are always odd) tend to stick out for being unusual.

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Still the strongest!!!

(I´m not sorry)

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I’ve no words to explain when people ask about jonghyun ●▂● 

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