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currently listening to Ukiss…while doing precalc, this feels nice XD


On the Floor probably my favorite out this album right now XD

Some Day

Baby Don’t Cry

lol, so late sighs

I know I’m late but I’m not quite sure what to say about this video/song…some parts are good, some are just trying too hard…Idk, maybe it’s just Ukiss is a group that I like but not love I guess…

PRE-ORDER: Ukiss Comeback Pins



0/20    Need 8 atleast!

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Please send money ASAP cuz imma use the pre-order money to buy them :)

Since brittany (kpop-in-the-sky) is doing infinite go & buy them over there if u want infinite.

:) i REALLY wanna get these. so im gonna be promoting like crazy. please help out kissmes? (i wanna send a set to ukiss)

May have 3 (CC) but wont count until i recieve the $

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